Astragalus powder Organic 250 g


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Astragalus powder Organic 250 g

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It is traditionally used in China as a tonic for the whole body, as it is an extremely powerful antioxidant that successfully fights against all types of inflammation. It is also considered an adaptogenic herb, which means that it strengthens all the organ systems in the body. It does not interfere with their natural functioning. It also does not stimulate the organs excessively and restores the body’s disturbed balance. That is why he is sometimes called the ‘great protector‘ because:

💚 is an adaptogen – helps to overcome all types of stress (physical, emotional and psychological),
💚 is an excellent antioxidant and helps in faster recovery and strengthens the mind and body,
💚 protects the body from the development of new diseases,
💚 stimulates the appetite and helps to overcome fatigue,
💚 stimulates the functioning of the immune system and thus the functioning of white blood cells.

Product from certified organic production.

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