Elixir mix Organic 125 g


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Elixir mix Organic 125 g

EU Agriculture
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Elixir mix is ​​actually intended for everyone who wants to improve general well-being by increasing resistance to diseases, with more physical energy, by reducing the impact of stress and by preventing premature aging of the body. It is also intended for those who want to test the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms and strengthen their body in a natural way. It is also an excellent natural food supplement, as mushrooms have high nutritional value – valuable nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins, macro minerals, fiber, protein.

💚 Stimulates the immune system.
💚 Works against cancer cells.
💚 Works in favor of a healthy heart and blood vessels.
💚 Improves physical endurance.
💚 Increases physical energy.
💚 Works against stress.

Product from certified organic production.

1 x 35.90 / 125g
2 x 28.72 / 125g
4 x 26.93 / 125g

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