Kelp powder Organic 250 g


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Kelp powder ORG 250 g

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A brown algae called kelp thrives in the colder seas of the world. It is especially rich in minerals, which it absorbs from the clean seawater of the coldest Norwegian sea. These minerals are extremely important for our body, and it has been proven many times that without a sufficient amount of them, our body does not perform its functions as it should, and as a result, various disease states of both physical and psychological origin come to the fore.

πŸ’š With the help of phytochemicals, it removes radioactive elements and harmful metals from the body.
πŸ’š It is one of the richest sources of iodine, which regulates thyroid function.
πŸ’š It is an excellent prebiotic, food for our beneficial intestinal bacteria.
πŸ’š It is a rich source of vegetable protein.

Product from certified organic production.

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