Brahmi powder Organic 250 g


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Brahmi powder ORG 250 g

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Brahmi is one of the most revered Ayurvedic medicinal herbs in use for over 3,000 years. It originates from the swampy areas of Asia, but today it grows in many parts of the world. Brahmi is recognizable by its fleshy green leaves and bluish-white flowers. The herbal medicine prepared from the leaves, stem and root of the Brahmi plant has the following amazing effects:

πŸ’š accelerates digestion and detoxifies the body,
πŸ’š accelerates optimal brain functioning as a brain tonic,
πŸ’š works effectively as a nerve tonic, as it promotes healthy nerve function,
πŸ’š stimulates mental functions and improves memory and concentration,
πŸ’š has a beneficial effect on hair growth.

Product from certified organic production.

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